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Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)

Crucible provides Systems Planning Services that include traditional Information Technology Strategic Planning and the creation of Project Charters for each identified initiative.

Project Charters provide specific project objectives and scope, the project deliverable(s), the project structure (owners, deliverers, and acceptors), approved budget, associated timelines and the project status reporting mechanisms.

Our Systems Requirements Definition Services assists users in identifying and documenting business needs in a manner that supports the Request for Proposal (RFP) process (preparation, dissemination of the document and the evaluation of responses) or for the basis of custom systems design.

Systems Design and Development Services: Crucible consultants design systems using the principles of participatory design (PDZine™), based on the principle that design knowledge exists in all those potentially affected by a design and they can all contribute to design a better product.

Crucible resources also use the IEEE Systems Development Methodology that provides a rigour and discipline and promotes timely and cost-effective custom-developed solutions.

Systems and Network Integration

  • What organizational demands are being placed on your technology solution?
  • What business demands are driving your organization’s technology needs?
  • How do you establish the technical requirements for the “right” system?
  • Is your current system able to cope with demands now? Into the future?
  • Have you been able to compile an in-depth gap analysis?
  • How do I develop a migration path?

At the best of times, technology can be a complex, frustrating element of our day-to-day business operations.   Yet, in most instances, it can make the difference between being a competitive organization in a leadership role or chasing the leader.


Crucible can improve your organization’s performance and profitability.

From internal information sharing, sales force support, process support, to a presence in the cyberworld, Crucible can help you sort through the maze of information and determine the most appropriate path for your organization.


Contact us for more details on how we can help you make a difference!

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